What is Cogomelo Games?

Game studio oriented to mobile markets

Cogomelo Games is a game studio which is developing casual games for mobile phones and tablets, specifically android, iOS and Windows phone.

Multidisciplinary team

Cogomelo Games is founded by three friends with the same pasion and with skills which complement between them.

Studio focused on the players

The users are the most important, because of this, we are making surveys in each phase of our products to know the opinion of our players and using this surveys to improve the games.

First project: Fly Away

Fly Away is the first product of the studio Cogomelo. Is based on a graceful fly who has to go to a funny poop. To do this, the player shall draw a route on the screen and the fly will follow this path, avoiding enemies and obstacles using power ups and special abilities.

You can know how is going the development and colaborate in this dedicated blog.

Play on Android, iOS or Windows Phone

You can play on your mobile phone or on your tablet.


Go through a lot of different and funny levels. The fun never ends! .

Variety of enemies

Face off the missile-rider spider, launcher chickpeas spider or carnivore plant.


Pick up golden poops and use it to buy objects, power-ups and improvements. This is a poop-based economy.

Power Ups

We will have a lot of funny abilities which will give awesome skills to your fly.

Levels and worlds

Each world is ambiented in a different thematic with new enemies and obstacles.


A lot of different enemies like, spiders, plants and toasters with bad intentions.

Strategy and action

You can take your time to plan a good path, avoiding the dangers and don't use power-ups, or you can draw the most direct route to your objective, believing in your skills to activate power-ups in the right time.

Achievements and leaderboard

Get new achievements, level up on Google Play Games, share your score on social networks, compare your score with your friends and increase positions on leaderboards.

Future updates

Fly Away will add more elements and stages.

Our history

  • January 2015: The begining

    Three friends meet up to begin a project that allow us to work in our passion: video games.

  • February 2015: Participants in Yuzz program

    We are selected to be one of the participant projects on the Yuzz A Coruña center.

  • September 2015: Yuzz A Coruña center winners

    We are winners of our region and the prize is a travel to Silicon Valley on November.

  • September 2015: Participants in Galicia Open Future

    Cogomelo Games takes part of the second edition of the Galicia Open Future program.

  • June 2016: Closed beta launch

    On december we launched a closed beta to get the first impressions and polls.

  • 2017: Open Beta launch and oficial launch

    2017 will be the chosen year for an open beta launch and soon after the official launch.

  • Cogomelo Team

    Abrahan Dopazo


    Alfonso Varela


    Diego Cambre

    Graphic designer

    Gonzalo Tellado

    Marketing and communication

    Jacobo Muiño

    3D designer

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